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Cadre Au Potager Malin

Welcome to asbl Au Potager Malin

Children from 6 to 12 years old ​​will explore the fascinating world of the garden: looking for bugs, planting seeds, digging with real tools and tasting delicious and healthy plants and vegetables. There's also cooking class with garden and local products. 

They will meet and take care of small animals farm: chicken, ducks, rabbits, goat, sheep and shetland. ​

Our goal is to educate children about nature and ecology.

Cadre Au Potager Malin

• Discover natural fruits and vegetables

• Discover aromatic herbs

• Discover edible flowers

• Meeting with small animals farm

• Discover unwanted plants

• Discover beekeeping and its benefits (rare varieties)

• Discover useful and harmful insects for the garden

• Maintenance and gardening workshop

• Cooking class will allow children to taste vegetables differently

• Visiting farms and discover Jurbise entity by bike

Many activities to do

Pomme Au Potager Malin
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